Festival Kaera-Jaan

 Sculpture trail

Sculpture trail?

In the Kaera-Jaan song, the driving force of the festival, there is talk of oats, grains, and things suitable for whipping. The artists of the festival have been inspired by the same materials, and thus created distinctive sculptures using wood, straw and other natural materials in artist residencies in Järvselja (August 2023) and Vooremäe (May 2024). The journey of the statues on the mountain is full of discoveries. The curator of the sculpture trail is the artist Elo Liiv.

The trail features the following sculptures

Urmas Veersalu, Katrin Pirn (EST)

Reed raven

Estonian reed master and bird enthusiast Urmas Veersalu says that ravens are the smartest among the birds for not trusting the people and staying away.

Elo Liiv (EST)

The hand of Tähnas

A tribute to the village musician Aksel Tähnas and his memory in the dephts of Ahunapalu forests and wetlands.

Dominic Seeber (AU)

Square oats

Dominic sings the kaerajaan (on the back).

Roger Rigorth (GER)

The hedgehog and the sun

The Estonian national epic speaks about a mighty hero fighting against dark forces, aided by a hedgehog calling out from the bushes. Roger’s hedgehog sitting on top of an electric pole is shining like a ray of hope - maybe we can escape the clutches of the bad guys or times?

Kaarel Küttas (EST)

Ax kannel

The sculpture is inspired by forestry and music making traditions from Järvselja. Play! Pluck the strings with the options given and try it out!.

Saara-Maria Kariranta (FIN)

Hanna Kaisa Vainio

Forms for stones to sleep, oats to swing and bugs to retreat

Trond Solberh (NOR)


Several works: Communities on the rocks, Matter matters, Framing in the forest, A tribute to past, present and future general secretaries. Trond finds fragments of organic life in the forest and turns them into symbols.

Eero Ijavoinen (EST)

Lehise Ott

Eero’s sculpture had its fair share of adventures behind it - The Ott had a very hard head. There was only one thought that stayed stuck there like a saw. Once, his head fell from the trunk of a car onto the road near Võnnu. It never broke or anything.

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